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2014 ford expedition Concept Redesign

Friday, August 17th 2012. | Ford
New Concept Car

Ford will release 2014 ford expedition is the car for a luxury cruise with the design when the rider. Ford Expedition was first released and was introduced in 1997 as a replacement for its predecessor. 2014 ford expedition will have many options with 8 model, which certainly will make a customer want to have one. This car is an SUV that has a model of reliability and safety when driving.

2014 Ford Expedition Front Angle

2014 ford expedition was designed as a design for explorers, is great for when the customer wants an expedition into the rugged terrain or in other words for those who like off-road. In terms of accessory that is given 6-bag system including additional air to protect the entire passenger cars, 911 Assist system that can be used to invoke services dadrurat when an air bag is released.

In terms of exterior 2014 ford expedition will not change significantly from its predecessor, but in terms of the engine will experience significant changes, including all-wheel independent suspension, which can increase comfort when driving on hard terrain that can increase comfort when driving on hard terrain. Although designed for off-road conditions, vehicles are equipped with luxury features, including the Audiophile premium sound system, subwoofer on the back side, slot for MP3 and iPod devices, and Sirius XM satellite radio. The attractive feature of this vehicle is part of the tri zone automatic climate control, which can regulate the temperature for the driver, passengers in the second row and third row passengers.

In terms of engine 2014 ford expedition VVT engine will be powered by a triton which has a capacity of 5.4 Liter SOHC 24-Valve with, resulting in the power of 310 horsepower and maximum torque of 365 lb-ft. The engine is flex-fuel capable, offfering flexibility in alternating fuel or mixture of both types of fuel. Basically, this expedition is based 4WD system and has four drive modes are supported with Control Trac, which is 2 High mode, Auto mode, mode 4 High and 4 Low modes, each of which can be selected using the rotary control panel. Ford Expedition has a 6-speed transmission. In addition to excellence, 2014 ford expedition capable tow vehicle weight of 9.200 pounds, if you use the “Pack Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow”. 2014 expedition of change: The 2013 Ford Expedition has a lot of changes to the Power Driver is also good and Towing options.

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2014 Ford Expedition

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