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2014 Toyota Sequoia Redesign Concept

Wednesday, March 20th 2013. | Toyota
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What do you expect in 2014? Everybody expected to have glorious age in that year. Advance stuffs to support your daily activities. It would be the age of advance technology, including the technology on automotive. If you are expecting to have luxurious transportation for your daily mobility, your business, and your personal need, then you have to looking forward for the launching of 2014 Toyota Sequioa. It would be in line with what you have expected in car, the luxury combined with toughness will be the theme of redesigning of the toyota sequoia. Wondering what it would be? Let’s go to toyota sequoia specifications.

2014 Toyota Sequoia Front Angle Photo

Toyota Sequoia would be Faster
Having fast car, of course, becomes most people expectation. Your dream will be come true in 2014 by the time when toyota have been finished the redesigning of the speed ability of Toyota sequoia. 2014 Toyota Sequoia speed runs from 310 horsepower to 381 horsepower, fantastic number! And the only engine would be 5.7-liter V8, one step higher than before, 4.7-liter V8. The engine used in the future toyota sequioa supports the ability to run faster than other non race cars. So, you can imagine what car it would be with that powerful engine.

Sophisticated Interior design
As it is redesigned to be 2014 Toyota sequioa, so the interior design would be different with the latest toyota sequioa. It will not just be a car, but it will be a comfort place to take rest. It will be designed to be more versatile with such touches, and as what you are expected of a car, glorious interior design. Large cabin with recline and side fore for the second and third seat passengers. Aiming to give more space for the passengers when they are inside the car, the large cabin is possible to be filled with more passengers inside. The flexibility of the seats of the car, than you can fold and unfold the seats to free up the cabin, then you can play on it.

2014 Toyota Sequoia Interior Dashboard

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2014 Toyota Sequoia

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